Maritime Risk and Safety Related Services

Our extensive experience with maritime casualty response, rescue, and investigation gives us a unique perspective on what is safe and what isn’t in marine environment operations. Our teams have been on-scene for thousands of maritime emergencies, and know firsthand how even minor deviations from best practices can lead to mishaps. We’ve seen it before, and recognize and help correct it when we see it again.

Training and Performance Support

From basic shoreside safety courses to offshore rescue and survival training – if it relates to maritime emergency, VLinc’s Maritime Division delivers.  So much available training is simply “information exposure.”  We do better and go farther than that.  VLinc creates real knowledge transfer and performance support systems for our clients.  We provide support long after the course is over to make sure that what students learn is what they do when it matters.

Mishap Investigation and Reporting

When things go wrong out there, finding out what happened and why is a necessary first step in preventing future mishaps. VLinc Maritime brings a wealth of experience in U.S. Coast Guard inspections and investigations when reporting on any marine casualty. Our confidential reports include in-depth analysis of the mishap as well as recommendations for future action for operators and the organization. Find out more here.

Be Ready

Get In Touch

VLinc’s Maritime Division is currently developing the nation’s best maritime training and management products for all of those who work on, over, or near the water.  From the basics of sea survival for mariners to complex safety management systems, VLinc is helping organizations be safer out there, lower operating costs, and improve performance.

  • International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code
  • International Safety Management
  • Maritime Security Awareness Training for All Mariners
  • Basic Safety Training Courses for TCC
  • Offshore Safety and Survival Training
  • Oil Record Book Refresher Training