What you do when things go wrong can dramatically change the outcome, and regulatory minimums simply do not cover the diversity of maritime emergencies. Your teams can do better and be safer, and VLinc Maritime can help.

We provide expert advice in the development of emergency response protocols for maritime industry professionals. You may believe you are prepared, but how do you answer the following questions:

  • Do your crews know how to best prepare for a medevac and handle the equipment sent to the ship from the helicopter?
  • Is your shoreside facility trained and equipped to effectively treat for immersion hypothermia should a worker fall from the dock?
  • Do you have an extraction plan for an unconscious or immobile person in the water at your facility?
  • Does your crew know the 1-10-1 principle for cold water survival?

We provide advanced rescue training that goes beyond BST and can make life-or-death differences in outcomes should a mishap occur.  If your operation is remote or in hard-to-reach locations, VLinc Maritime can develop mishap managements plans that will consider all threats and hazards to the safety of your crews.