Investigative Support

Mishap investigation requires meticulous attention to detail and a systematic approach to the gathering of evidence.  While the primary goal of an investigation is to determine a cause or causes for an accident, investigators should not lose sight of the overarching goal of prevention when seeking to discover a cause. VLinc’s accident investigators have the experience, judgement, and discretion to provide world class investigative support to any maritime organization.

Case Review or Rapid Response

VLinc’s experts can review flag state or municipal investigation results, or provide rapid response direct to the scene of mishaps around the world.  From basic evidence review and analysis to full, on-scene accident investigations, we conduct thorough and systematic reviews to discover any and all causal factors to the highest degree of professional certainty.

Documentation and Reporting

Our reports thoroughly document the actions, conditions, and events that lead up to and follow mishaps. They go beyond the data as well, including not only what we know about an accident, but also what we think about an accident.  Often, it is the intuition earned after years of experience in maritime accident response  that provides the most useful information.  And of course, recommendations for future actions of organizations and field operators that are definitive and actionable.