Why We Started VLinc

What we do is important, but we all could have done these same things for a different organization.

We started VLinc because we wanted to build a place where we would want to work; where everyone knows and believes in the mission.

We wanted to create a new life for ourselves, and by extension, a life that others would want to be a part of. We wanted to build a place that is inspiring, a place that contributes, a place that we will be proud of every day.

Starting a business is personal.

Our Core Focus

VLinc’s core focus is defined by our cause and our market niche.

Our Cause: Helping people remember what is important.

Our Niche: Using our experience, intellectual capital, and technology to provide knowledge management solutions that help clients have safer, more effective, and more profitable workplaces.

Our Core Values

We’ve built (and continue to build) VLinc Corporation on the core values listed below. These are the values we use to make decisions about who we hire, how we work, and how we interact with our clients. These are largely for our benefit, but they may help you understand who we are, how we think, and the value we will provide your team.

Optimism and Passion

  • We aim to create and offer great products and services
  • We inspire others with our outlook and strive for excellence
  • We care about VLinc’s success
  • We celebrate wins (even small ones)
  • We are tenacious


  • We seek what is best for VLinc as a whole rather than what is best for ourselves or our group
  • We keep ego out of the way
  • We make time to help colleagues
  • We share information openly and proactively
  • We admit mistakes without shame or fear of judgment

Problem-Solving Approach

  • We want to make things better
  • We look for solutions and communicate them to the team and our customers
  • We accept problems as challenges and revel in finding solutions


  • We say what we think
  • We don’t say anything privately we wouldn’t say directly
  • We don’t hold back opinions because they may be unpopular


  • We believe that VLinc is on our side; what is best for the employee is what is best for the company
  • We recognize trust is a two-way street
  • We rely on each other for support in good times and bad