Our extensive experience with maritime casualty response, rescue, and investigation gives Maritime Safety Systems a unique perspective on what is safe and what isn’t in marine environment operations. Our teams have been on-scene for thousands of maritime emergencies and know, first hand, how even minor deviations from best practices can lead to mishaps. We’ve seen it before, and recognize it when we see it again.

Our teams conduct full operational risk assesments of vessels, facilities, or other near-shore/offshore operations. These site visits include not only checks for compliance with federal, local, and company regulations, but go beyond to determine and document any risk behaviors, hazardous physical conditions, and latent systemic risk that may exist in the operation.

Mishaps rarely happen without warnings. There are pre-incident indicators that are almost invariably discovered after an accident has occurred. There were signs that no one saw but nonetheless were there to be discovered. Finding out what might go wrong and how is a necessary first step when deciding if any operation is safe.

From single vessel material condition surveys to complex offshore operational assessments, our team-members unique perspective on safety in maritime operations can benefit any operation. We can perform independent evaluations or assist in cooperative job hazard analysis with front-line operators and supervisors.

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