Dispersed organizations, with operating units functionally and geographically separate from one another, are challenged when it comes to understanding the most important factor in meeting their safety goals.  It is the organizational safety culture – the way employees think and feel about workplace safety and systems – that supports or breaks down any systems in place to ensure the safe and effective operation of the company. Understanding what that culture is and targeting programs accordingly can help you raise the bar company wide and have a real impact on the health and safety of the team, and the business health as a whole.

Safety Culture Surveying is significantly more than simply asking questions and tabulating results.  To be effective you have to ask the right questions and ask them in the right way to get the truest picture of what is going on in your world of work.  Survey’s should coincide with interviews and site visits to reconcile perceived problems with actual conditions. Only then can useful reporting provide the data you need to move forward.

VLinc has the experience to craft custom surveys that are written in a way to draw out participation and honest feedback. Observational site visits, interviews with your team, and hard analysis of survey results are performed to provide maximum value in the reports.  Units are compared across four safety shields that align workers, supervision,  preconditions for errors, and organizational influences. Your best teams are identified, best practices are modeled, and areas for improvement are targeted.

VLinc can also assist in the distribution, collection, and reporting of safety culture questions developed and approved by classification societies and reassessing teams based on previous surveys.

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