Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

VLinc provides a full set of ILS services to government agencies including design, maintenance, supply, technical data and documentation, training, facilities, computer and IT support, special tools and equipment, staffing, and PHS&T (Packaging, Handling, Storage & Transportation) activities.  Our team includes veterans of large product line support operations and identified logistics practices that dramatically increase operational efficiency and have application in any organization.  Helping you modernize your logistics operation includes more than just creating systems of visibility and equipment tracking; VLinc helps to create a cultural shift within your team and make your support personnel believe in the modern systems of transparent supply operations that have changed the way so many organizations do business.

Maintenance Procedures/Control Support

After years of doing things a certain way, efficiency suffers as changes in equipment maintenance realities are left out of maintenance procedures, and simply the way things are done can markedly affect mission outcomes. VLinc works with subject matter experts to evaluate current procedures, enhance them, and implement maintenance systems that update automatically as changes in equipment or mission needs change.

Business Support Services

With the government facing increasing pressure to control costs and function more efficiently and effectively while adhering to strict accountability guidelines, VLinc provides industry best practice solutions and partners with agencies to implement them.

Technology Implementation

VLinc provides both state of the art and state of the market technology solutions that result in real world applications to government agencies that generate immediate operational benefits.  Our ability to operate inside large companies’ decision cycles while remaining on the leading edge of proven technology solutions is one key to our success.

Veterans Administration (VA) Support

In support of our mission to take care of the troops who took care of us, we focus our time and talent providing concerned, caring, common sense solutions to the myriad challenges the VA must address to support our returning heroes and heroines.  Whenever possible, we seek opportunities to utilize the talent of returning or retired U.S. soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines – providing value to our customers while providing meaningful employment for them.

Maritime Safety Training and Consulting Services

VLinc’s maritime division provides a wide array of safety training, risk management, and vessel inspection support services to the maritime industry. From safety and survival training to job hazard analysis and mitigation planning, we tailor systems of safety that protect crews and assets operating in any maritime environment. The actions taken by crews after things go wrong can dramatically change outcome and severity when mishaps occur. Regulatory minimums do not fully cover the diversity of maritime hazards; your teams can do better and operate more safely.  Our maritime division can help. For more information visit